DNN Connect 2020

The 2020 DNN Connect Conference will be in Obergurgl, Austria.

The dates of the conference are 11-14 June 2020.


Obergurgl is a village in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol, Austria. Located in the municipality of Sölden, the village has approximately 400 year-round inhabitants, and is mainly a tourist resort.
The name Gurgl is traced back to Gurgall, which means “place in the glacier wreath”.
At an elevation of 1,930 m (6,330 ft), Obergurgl is the highest parish in Austria. The parish church was consecrated in 1737, and in 1967 extensions were added based on plans by Clemens Holzmeister, prominent Austrian architect and stage designer of the early twentieth century.

Obergurgl became famous in 1931, when the Swiss explorer Auguste Piccard was forced to land on the nearby Großer Gurgler Ferner glacier during his historic balloon flight, during which he became the first man to fly into the stratosphere.

The conference is held at the Obergurgl University Center (Universitätszentrum Obergurgl), a conference and event center of the University of Innsbruck. More information can be found here.
If you fancy checking out the place at this time of year, take a look at this

How to get there

By car or motorbike

Note 1: A toll sticker or digital vignette is compulsory on Austria’s motor- and expressways. The price for a 10 days sticker/vignette is € 9,40 for a car with a max gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 t and € 5,40 for a motorcycle. More information is available on https://www.asfinag.at/toll/.
If you rent a car you have to buy a toll sticker before you enter the motor- or expressway. The digital vignette must be bought online at least 18 days before it starts its validity.
Note 2: Parking places are a bit limited, so please share your car when possible, esp. rented cars.
Note 3: When you go by motorbike, you propably do not want to take the motorway. Check out the passes along your route, special recommendations: Hahntennjoch, Hochtannberg, Arlberg, Kühtai, Silvretta, Timmelsjoch.
  • From Innsbruck
To reach the University Center Obergurgl, take the motorway A12 from Innsbruck, direction Arlberg/Switzerland. Take the exit “Haiming-Ötztal”.
  • From Bregenz
Take the expressway S16, direction Arlberg/Innsbruck. After crossing the Arlberg tunnel, the expressway joins the motorway A12 near Landeck, follow the A12, direction Innsbruck and take the exit “Haiming/Ötztal”.
  • From Haiming/Ötztal
Drive along the B186, direction Timmelsjoch/Italy, passing through Längenfeld, Sölden and Zwieselstein, up to Obergurgl – don’t miss the crossing (it’s not easy to miss it 😊). Cross the village, and follow the signs to the University Center.

By train and bus

Take the train (“railjet”) from Vienna (- Linz – Salzburg – Innsbruck) or Zurich (- Feldkirch – Bludenz – Landeck/Zams) to Ötztal Bahnhof. From there you can get a bus to Obergurgl. Take care to catch a train that stops in Ötztal Bahnhof.

By plane

The closest airport is Innsbruck (approximately 1.5 hours by car).
Other possibilities are Salzburg, Memmingen, Munich, Zurich (all about 3.5 hours), and Verona (about 4 hours).
From Innsbruck, Salzburg, Memmingen, Munich, and Zurich you have the possibility to hire a transfer service for a reasonable price (see links below). They'll bring you directly to the conference center and pick you up there to bring you back.
  • Four Seasons Travel: https://www.tirol-taxi.at/en-home - price per person, a bit more expensive, but with the possibility of an insurance in case they are too late for your flight.

You can also share a taxi, the mentioned companies offer a microbus service (up to 9 persons), so the price is cheaper for everyone: