Dnn Connect 2018 will be held in Ireland for the first time, from 31st May to 3rd June.

We have secured an excellent venue at the University of Limerick campus. Accommodation will be in the Cappavilla Village complex with sessions held in the Kemmy Business School at the college.

The university is close to the famous Wild Atlantic Way and already some have indicated that they will be planning a holiday in Ireland to coincide with the conference.

Further details on the conference, how to get there and sessions will be provided in due course.

If you have any questions relating to the conference please don't hesitate to contact Declan, Peter, Vicenc or Cathy by email.


Getting to DNN Connect 2018

Some information that may help in getting to the conference:

The two major airports that may be of use are Dublin and Shannon. Dublin has, by far, the most connections and there are good bus services from Dublin airport to Limerick. Skyscanner is a good starting point when looking to see what carriers you may be able to use.

The Conference and Sports Bureau website site gives some info that may be of use, although some appears to be out of date.

Dublin Coach provide a service from Dublin Airport to the university campus in Limerick. The route is the M7. To me, this looks like the best option.

JJ Kavanagh, a little more expensive, also cover this route. 

Bus Eireann also provide a coach service. 


For those who prefer to drive, I can recommend http://www.hamills.com/ 

If you decide to use Ann's services, email her on ann.hamill@hamills.com and mention DNN Connect. My only connection to Ann is that I use her any time I need to rent a car and have been doing so successfully for many years.