Build Cross-Platform Native Mobile App for DNN

Ash Prasad
Date and Time
5/28/2015 11:20 AM

Ash built a native mobile app dnnmobi for DNN using Appcelerator and DNN Web Apis. Join Ash’s session to get a jump start on doing mobile development with DNN. Ash will discuss mobile logins, permissions, creation of simple list views, dialogs, interacting with dnn’s native web apis and much more.

About the speakers

Ash Prasad
Ash Prasad is Sr. Manager, Development at DNN Corporation, primarily responsible for development process in DNN’s Evoq products. He has been developing and architecting software for over 18 years, with over 6 years creating commercial solutions using DNN as a platform. Ash frequently blogs at Some of his direct contribution in DNN includes Social, Messaging & Notification, Gamification, Mobile and most notable Search. Ash is also creator of mobile app for DNN called as dnnmobi (

Ash holds Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from esteemed IIT, Varanasi, India and MBA in Technology Management from Univ. of Phoenix. He also holds CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) designation. Ash recently obtained Microsoft MVP designation in Asp.Net / IIS.