Creating a DNN Package Distribution

Peter Donker (Host)
Date and Time
5/28/2015 2:10 PM

With DNN it is possible to create distributions that are delivered as a package and provide an alternative to DNN Corp’s distribution. In this session we will explore what a DNN Connect community distribution for the DNN Framework should look like. This is the place to bring your pet peeves and volunteer to take responsibility for parts of this distribution. We will be looking at the admin UI, the extensions that ship with the distribution as well as the way the default installation is configured (template).

About the speakers

Peter Donker (Host)
Peter Donker is the owner of Bring2mind, a company specializing in document centric solutions for DotNetNuke and manufacturer of the Document Exchange module. He lives and works from a mountaintop in the French speaking part of Switzerland to which he emigrated from his native Holland in 2002.
In 2007 he joined the DotNetNuke core team. Throughout the years he has been active on the "localization" front trying to advance the interests of the non-English speaking community in DotNetNuke.
In 2014, together with Philipp Becker and Vicenç Masanas, he founded DNN Connect and serves as its current president.