Keynote - DNNCorp

Joe Brinkman
Charles Nurse
Date and Time
5/28/2015 10:00 AM

About the speakers

Joe Brinkman
Joe Brinkman started his programming career almost 30 years ago while still in high-school and has never looked back. Prior to co-founding DNN Corp, he served as CTO for DataSource Inc. where he led the effort for building an automation framework for working with Java J2EE. As one of the original DotNetNuke core team members, and as the VP of Technology & Community Relations for DNN Corp, Joe has spent the last decade helping to build and promote the #1 CMS for the Windows platform. Joe has co-authored multiple best-selling books for DotNetNuke and jQuery and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. When not working at the computer you can often find Joe in his woodshop working on his latest woodturning project.
Charles Nurse
Charles Nurse is Chief Architect for DNN Corporation focussing on the Open Source DNN Platform. He is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and an ASPInsider and is a regular speaker at many conferences and user groups.