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DNN 9 Appears to Be a Foundational Step Forward for the Future of DNN

DNN Corp is on the verge of releasing their latest DNN Platform release, version 9.0.0.  As a DNN MVP, I of course had to take a look around at the new stuff coming.  It’s still in the early stages though, so there are a few areas where the new updates have some smoothing out to do, but overall, the updates we’re seeing in version 9.0 are very nice.  In short, it’s a much more contemporary user experience for all involved – but a very important step in the right direction for the future of all DNN’ers.  Here’s my preview and insights after using DNN 9.0 for the first time – a pre-release version of DNN 9.0, that is.

12 Differences When Templating Data Instead of Content

The template/data-paradigm is very common, where a template visualizes data provided by a query. This results in typical list/details systems like blogs, news, showcases and more. But when managing content on normal pages, this approach doesn't really work, which is why we need the template/content-paradigm

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