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Welcome to the FREE DnnMinimalist!

To add to the 2 other free themes for the Dnn CMS (DnnBootster and DnnMDesign), welcome to the FREE, Open Source DnnMinimalist Theme.

Free Dnn Theme DnnMinimalist

The DnnMinimalist theme is a bit different from the last 2 themes, there is no menu bar on the desktop version. Instead there is a menu button on the top right that is always visible on any device that you click and a vertical side menu appears on the right side.

The notifications, messages, login, languages and profile have also been re-styled to make the theme different from the rest.

The theme is called the ‘Minimalist’ for a reason, because it’s simple in style and easy for you visitors to navigate your Dnn site. The theme makes your content easily readable and clear.

DnnMinimalist is based on Bootstrap v.3.3.7 so that you can use all the goodness that comes with Bootstrap, the grid, components and javascript components that you know.

It also includes Font Awesome as do the other 2 themes and also Material Icons that the theme uses for the top bar icons.

The DnnMinimalist theme install is found here on the Dnn Store which you can download for free.

You can find the source of DnnMinimalist here on Github so if you feel like helping out with the theme you can do so easily.

Please feel free to try it out on your Dnn site, play about with it and let me know what you all think.

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