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DNN 9 Appears to Be a Foundational Step Forward for the Future of DNN

DNN Corp is on the verge of releasing their latest DNN Platform release, version 9.0.0.  As a DNN MVP, I of course had to take a look around at the new stuff coming.  It’s still in the early stages though, so there are a few areas where the new updates have some smoothing out to do, but overall, the updates we’re seeing in version 9.0 are very nice.  In short, it’s a much more contemporary user experience for all involved – but a very important step in the right direction for the future of all DNN’ers.  Here’s my preview and insights after using DNN 9.0 for the first time – a pre-release version of DNN 9.0, that is.

DNN Hangout - February 2015 - Discussing the DNN 7.4 Release

With DNN 7.4 coming out on our scheduled broadcast of this month’s DNN Hangout, it only made sense for us to switch things around and talk about the release.  There are several nuggets of goodness that the community will enjoy in 7.4.  We spent this entire DNN Hangout talking about what went into the latest DNN release and what it means to you.

Mass mailing made easy with DNN and MailChimp

Chances are you've heard of or even are actively using MailChimp - a great solution for mass mailing and e-mail campaigns. It's a free service unless you're not hitting the 2000 subscribers per list mark - for many of us this will be just fine for a little while. While this post is not about advertising their great product I would still like to invite you to give it a try, it's fantastic, really.

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