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DNN Connect 2015 Video: Take me to Cache - Offline Web Sites and Web Apps on Mobile Devices

Watch the recording of the DNN-Connect Session where Daniel Mettler shows how web sites can replace many native Apps - simply by allowing users to take them offline and making the site look like an App. Together with DNN/2sxc Content Management this allows you to create advanced mobile solutions without Xamarin and bypassing the App-Stores

Take Websites and Web-Apps Offline with Mobile Devices at DNN-Connect

Modern mobile devices can use web sites as if they were installed native Apps - and the distribution works through normal web servers, not through App-Stores. This opens many opportunities to create HTML based Mobile-Apps much cheaper and faster. These Apps work on all platforms and are easy to update when working with an awesome CMS like DNN/2sxc. Let me show you how to do this...

Professional QR-Codes (Responsive/Mobile Webs with DNN #5)

I used to believe QR codes were useless marketing gimmicks. Then I visited Japan in 2011 and QR codes were everywhere. You could see them on the walls of skyscrapers in Tokyo, on product packaging - and even on every tiny 1x3-inch ads in the magazines. Usually it's time to re-evaluate an opinion once you see that an large, smart group of people have an opposing point of view. So I re-evaluated.

In this blog I would like to tell you what the QR-Code is (in case you're new to it), why it's great, and how to make bad and good QR-codes (as it's easy to botch up).

Responsive/Mobile Web Solutions with DNN - #4 Breakpoints

Let's get strategic - and break some points. Not share-points but breakpoints :).

To understand the challenge: we're creating a website and want it to be responsive. One of the aspect of a responsive site is that it responds to the screen size - presenting the content as best as possible at every possible screen size - and there are thousands of screen sizes - multiplied by browser types and you'll get a lot of test scenarios - too many, to be exact. So we need a strategy.

Responsive/Mobile web solutions with DNN - #1 Overview


Many people believe they can create a responsive website simply by downloading a responsive skin. This is like creating a great present simply by buying the right gift-wrapping - it barely scratches the surface. 

This is part 1 of my special responsive/mobile/retina series, in which we first figure out what we're actually trying to do, and segment it into a horde sub-topics.  

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