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New! List Localization in DNN 7.3.3

With version 7.3.3 of the DNN Platform a new “localization feature” has been implemented: list localization. Lists are a core platform feature whereby users can maintain lists that other bits of software can maintain. There are several lists that come out-of-the-box when you install DNN (see “Lists” table in SQL). The most visible ones are countries and regions. But there are also currencies and frequencies, plus a whole bunch of lists that tell DNN how to run things (i.e. they allow us to configure particular bits). The new feature means that what you will see in the front end of DNN can adapt to the language of the user viewing it.

Create an amazing, multi-lingual DNN-App in 1 hour

For the DNN-Connect event in Italy, we demonstrated how to create a powerful feature-rich DNN-App in 1 hour. Here you'll find the live-demo, the live-recording from DNN-connect and you'll be able to download the App for any modifications. + you will discover how to create similar Apps with similar effort. Go for the low hanging fruits :)          

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