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Get profile properties in DNN

This SQL function will help you retrieving property values from the users.

You can even ask for custom created properties.

you can use it in your reports like this:

select userid,username

,dbo.BIT_GetPropertyValue(0,userid,'Phone') as 'Phone'

,dbo.BIT_GetPropertyValue(0,userid,'Mobile') as 'Mobile'

from users



CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[BIT_GetPropertyValue]
@PortalID int, -- portalid
@UserID int, -- UserID
@Property nvarchar(100) -- name of the property to read
RETURNS nVarChar(4000) -- the value of the property for the user
DECLARE @RetVal AS nVarChar(4000) = ''
select @RetVal = PropertyValue
from UserProfile
where UserID = @UserID
and PropertyDefinitionID = dbo.GetProfilePropertyDefinitionID (@PortalID,@Property)



Passionate DNN.NET specialist helping customers with the automation of their organisation. Having a large technical SAP background, I connect DNN to SAP seamlessly. I'm an expert not only in connecting SAP but all kinds of different systems. It does not even need to be a known product, ff it's possible to extract data, I'll do it. DNN is the base of all my projects as it contains already the stuff you will need anyway: users, roles, pages, .. and of course the fantastic way you can develop modules for it. I especially like the install with the versioning system of the modules. It helps me so I can totally focus on the business problem of my clients. I've been making modules for DNN since my first .NET application with the I Buy Spy release.

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