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DNN Connect 2020 Postponed

You probably will have seen this coming. It is with great sadness that we have to announce DNN Connect 2020 will be postponed. "First the European Football Championship, now this", I hear you say. Indeed. It's a bitter pill. What would have undoubtedly been the highlight of this DNN year is no longer.

As you can imagine the DNN Connect team has been following the Covid-19 news closely as it relates to our event. Austria was not the first country to put restrictions in place, but it was one of the more severe (keep in mind it borders Northern Italy). Currently the valley where we were going to hold DNN Connect is in quarantine and people are not even allowed to go from one village to the next. Most of Europe is in lockdown and just about every event up to the summer has been cancelled. No one knows how long this will go on and even though some restrictions may be lifted by June, it is simply no longer feasible to organize an event in June with the uncertainties hanging over us.

We have been in touch with the venue for the past few weeks to hear from them what they think. It's important to realize that everyone is in unchartered waters, here. The venue owners (the university of Innsbruck) as well as us. No one has experienced something like this before and contracts do not offer a clear guideline on what happens next. We had made a downpayment to book the venue back in 2019. Obviously it wouldn't be great for the association if we'd lose this money. To make this as simple as possible we'd like to postpone. To this end we have a meeting (virtual of course) scheduled at the end of the coming week. During this meeting we'll discuss our options with the university. Ideally we'd like to reschedule to next year and we are hopeful this can be achieved (they've hinted at this solution in previous calls). This would mean (1) no haggling about damages as it would be financially neutral and (2) we already have our venue sorted for next year.

To those that have booked and paid, and to the sponsors that have paid, we offer to postpone as well (we'll have confirmation next week if we can keep the venue at the same time next year). But if you'd prefer to cancel and be reimbursed please contact us and we'll take care of this.

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