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The DnnThemeEditor, flexible and free!

I’ve been creating theme for a while now, for client site as well as the Open Source themes I’ve created. I always wanted to have a way for the client to change background colors and setting but never found a satisfactory solution that fitted well with my needs and Dnn.

This is why I decided to create the DnnThemeEditor so that everyone can have a theme editor for their own themes.

Intro to the DnnContra theme for Dnn

The DnnContra theme for Dnn is the forth in the series of free, open source themes created by

This theme is a cross between the DnnBootster and DnnMDesign theme, with the choice of colors that the MDesign theme has and pre-designed color schemes like the Boostster theme. We have also created more css classes that help you easily create and customize the theme the way you want it!

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