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3 days ago

    Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    Hans, thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at it. Happy DNNing! Michael

    1 week ago

    Hans Lentingreplied to: RE: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    There is an solution from DNN Sharp where you can read an IMAP or POP mailbox and do some actions with it. So you could read the mailbox and stored in...

    1 week ago

    Michael Tobischcreated the topic: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    Hi, is there a module that can display the inbox of a specific account in Exchange Server - not the user's one, just something like information-for...

    1 week ago

    Declan Wardreplied to: RE: How do I use Gmail smtp?

    Hi Mariette, I have v=spf1 ~all as per instructions found here: However...

    2 weeks ago

    Mariƫtte Knapreplied to: RE: How do I use Gmail smtp?

    Hi Declan, did you add the to your SPF records for your domain?

    2 weeks ago

    Declan Wardcreated the topic: How do I use Gmail smtp?

    This PowerShell script sends email from my VPS to the targeted email account via Gmail: $From = "" $username = "web@mydomain.c...

    2 weeks ago

    Joseph Craigreplied to: RE: Registration and login options

    This is very interesting. Could you provide a sketch of some of the details? (Background, I used a similar approach for user registration at a DNN...

    3 weeks ago

    Torsten Weggen commented on DNN module development with Angular

    I visited a session by Daniel Mettler from 2sic / Switzerland at DNNConnect 2017. He will provide as soon with a blog post about this topic and a dnn library that could be used in Angular 2+ projects to manage communication between Angular and DNN.

    1 month ago

    David Poindexter created a new project DNN Association

    DNN Association is responsible for the organization of DNN community events in the US. Our first event was DNN Summit Denver 2017. The event was a huge success and we are looking forward to more great community events in the future.

    2 months ago